About Patrick

Patrick is a consultant in the entertainment and tech world focused on defining new and innovative ways to merge technology and art to tell stories and create emotional connections with the user. He was Senior Vice President of User Experience & Innovation at Cablevision defining the long-term product strategy and developing innovative products for TV, broadband, web, apps, and phone. Delivering satisfying and enriching customer experiences are at the heart of every great company and Patrick does this by overseeing UX, real world deployments, and long-term strategic initiatives. He continues to think like a real person and tries to invent great products for them every day.

Patrick has been able to use his background in film, television, design and technology to evangelize user experience and rich media experiences for mobile, TV and virtual reality. He has overseen design, development and operations teams and lead key strategic initiatives all in the pursuit of making great products. Along the way, Patrick has received numerous Emmys, patents and other industry awards while working for such well know companies as Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Showtime Networks, Viacom and Sesame Workshop.

Patrick has consistently taken on the challenge of inventing new products and services that combine the best of design and technology to deliver the results the business needs. He is a disruptor and an agent of change and has built and run the teams needed to drive success.

July, 2017